About Us

Born and raised in Charm City, Julie Lilienfeld forever dreamed of opening up a retail space.  As a 7 year old girl, the original plan involved creating and selling bedazzled dresses and big earrings. 

Along the way, she got a bachelor's degree in Art History. Worked at her family owned auction house, as a jewelry cataloger and estate acquisition liaison. Got another certification in jewelry appraisal. Worked for the amazing artist/jeweler Betty Cooke at The Store Ltd. 

After being approached by her friend to co-create a secondhand retail space in Baltimore, Julie jumped at the opportunity. Voila! The birth of Wishbone Reserve in 2015. 

Fast forward to 2023, she is a devoted mother, wife and shop owner. She continues to implement the same fundamental principles from childhood: imagination, glitz and good ole fun! She also is experienced in estate planning, liquidation, object appraisal, marketing and sales. 

Leave her a note: julie@wishbonereserve.com